Wrong language labels appearing in course

Aug 18, 2020

Good afternoon,

I build courses in Rise in different languages. I use both the built-in label sets and custom label sets.

Unfortunately, sometimes they don't seem to work properly. For example, at the moment I'm building an English language course and have set the labels to English. However, some of the labels in the course are appearing in Vietnamese.

I actually had to custom create my own English language label set because, unlike my colleagues, I did not have a built-in English label option. 

Has anyone encountered this same issues and discovered how to fix it?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ashley. It sounds like a couple of things are happening:

  • When you are editing the course, you aren't seeing the label set that you've applied. This is expected. If you change from the default label set, you won't see the new labels selected until you run a preview. If you preview or use the Share link, do you see the English labels?
  • Your default label set may have changed from English to Vietnamese. Everyone will get the 4 built-in label sets, with the default being English. If the English label set was inadvertently edited and/or renamed, those changes will apply to every new course you start. Is it possible that what was originally the English label set has been changed to Vietnamese?

These are some educated guesses I'm making; so let me know what you think!

Karl Muller


All of your courses can share the same label set. This is what happens by default.

Alternatively, you can create a custom label set for each course.

To do this, open your course, and choose SETTINGS.

Choose LABELS.


Save it using a different name. A copy will be created of the label set that was previously used for that course.

You can now edit the label set, and it will apply only to the current course.

Anastasios Vacalopoulos

There is a huge bug that partly translates things! Very poor experience so far indeed. I developed a course in Rise, and I am finding myself in such an impasse as I opted in for the inbuild option of the German Translation of the Labels and it only partly changes button and elements. So the "Start Course" seems to be ok but the "Continue" or the "Complete the content above before moving on" button still stays the same! I have tried downloading the XLIFF file and then reuploading it to a duplicate course and still nothing

TLG Developer 1

We are have related but different issue with the label languages. We have changed Label language setting from English to French. All labels appear in French in Preview and Publish as expected. However, when we send a copy of the course from 1 Rise account to another the label language is reset to English. It is causing a huge issue for all of the files that we are receiving from translators and also for the source files that we need to provide to clients. 

We have checked the language setting to ensure it is French before a copy is sent. 

Karl Muller

A key point to understand regarding Labels, is that labels are associated with the Articulate account of the current Course Owner. 

Because Course Labels are firstly associated with the account of the course owner, if you send a copy of a course to a another account, your unique label set  will not travel with the course and the labels will revert to the default, unedited, Rise English labels.