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Jul 09, 2017

Hi all... Happy Sunday.

I'm using a lot of images in a book I'm working on...  I usually keep the "zoom on click" setting to On.  One thing I notice is that the images will zoom either in or out, but seem to do so on a sporadic basis.  Sometimes I'll click on an image and it will zoom out.  Other images zoom smaller, which can confuse readers since the "behavior" is inconsistent.

Would anyone have some advice in terms of how the make the "zoom larger" setting make the images increase in size on a consistent basis.

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Edward Hoke



I believe I have submitted a case, although I also saw a page stating "This page does not exist" with all of the Articulate branding on it.

I am still in this "zoom hell" with images in Rise. Some images zoom at the correct selected amount (50%, 75%, etc.). Some do not at all! I have resized images in Photoshop, plus changed dimensions of them to see if a 16:9 format is more agreeable to the software as opposed to the 4:3/square format.

This is not working.

When will Articulate release some kind of documentation to assist with this feature that is useful if working properly? Here is one of the stubborn photos attached. It ain't zoomin'. 

Thank you!



Edward Hoke

Hi Alyssa: Thanks a bunch for the time you gave in helping me troubleshoot. Another reason why in my opinion is Best in Class in service among eLearning Authoring tools.

What I had thought intuitively, since I had already been using the Enable Zoom on Image Click since the initial release, was that the other feature that has the percentage indicator (25/50/75) pertains to the percentage of zoom in, like many other software programs. You did not mention this. Is this the case?

Also, I understand that you mentioned "your original image was rather small", yet I still did not get addressed what pixel sizes to start from, and what the expectations should be.

You increases the image 400%, re-imported, it zooms in, but I still don't know what size it ends up at.

I'm sure I am not the only designer that would find this helpful.

Thanks again and looking forward to hearing from you.

Very best!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Edward,

It sounds like you're referring to the Image & Text block, is that right? That block has the option to set the image size at 25%, 50%, or 75%

I didn't address specific pixels in my video because Rise 360 is responsive. That means that images will scale up or down to fit the width and height of your particular browser window. 

Try scaling your browser window up or down, and notice the difference in the amount of zoom. Let me know if that answers your question! 

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