Add a double-dose of interactivity to your next e-learning module using this drag-and-drop and tabs combination template. First, learners need to correctly order the steps in a process. They have unlimited attempts to get it right, and Storyline provides feedback about which steps are correct using the DropCorrect state. Once all the steps are placed in the correct order, the learner can click on each step to find out more information about it.

Download the fonts (Bebas Neue and Abel) to get the exact look-and-feel. 

View this project in action!

Indrani Sen

Hi Nicole, Hello Friends, I am experiencing the following issues with this Drag & Drop Interaction: Issues • For your reference, the first and the fourth answers are ‘No: and the second and third answers are ‘yes’. Here are the problems: • The button states (to green) do not change when users get the correct answer. Only the first ’No’ button does. • The review button does not work. I do not see the green tick mark. I had to manually do it. • Also, the buttons corresponding to each set of questions can be dragged to other questions. This is something I do not like. For example, ‘yes’ and ‘no’ buttons of questions 1, can be only dropped to QUESTION 1.How can I fix it? Any solution to the above problems, and to make this project elegant will be very much appreciated. Thanks so... Expand