A great resume doesn’t just summarize your career—it paints a picture of why you’re right for a new role. But what if it could tell that story in an even more compelling way than text alone? In this project, Kelly Fischer and Tim Crowe share how a creative blend of Storyline 360 and animated video can shake up static business documents.

Winner of “Best Personal Practice Project” at DevLearn’s 2023 DemoFest, this example reimagines the resume as an interactive experience! This approach weaves together videos created in Vyond, friendly narration, and attractive Storyline 360 animations to expand on the main resume points and build a sense of connection with the applicant.

The experience also respects the limited time prospective employers have. By default, it shares the quick career overview people expect from a resume. But for viewers with more time, Storyline 360’s interactivity and hotspots reveal deeper dives into each aspect of this applicant’s background and skills.

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Sean Ward