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elearning jeopardy game

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Scott Kratchmer
Sarah Hodge
Scott Kratchmer

Thank you Sarah, I appreciate your feedback. Having lots of fun with this! I tried what you suggested above but it didn’t work. I think this may be because I have it place near the end of my scene (module). So I did what someone else suggested earlier in this thread and made a copy of it in a new scene and then added a trigger on the play again button to jump to that scene. Everything works fine except one tiny little glitch. The score continues from the first game and I would like to reset that to zero. I left in the reset score in the first game and tried adjusting the score variable to zero in the second try. That worked, but now the score doesn’t change at all after they answer each question% I feel like the fix is something very simple but I can’t seem to figure it out. I could ad... Expand