In this cool adventure game, you’ll have the chance to rescue your kidnapped little sister. But she isn’t just any American teenager—your dad is a U.S. senator and the stakes are high.

This compelling demo uses Rise’s timeline, quiz, labeled graphic, and block lesson types to create a fun, media-rich experience that looks great on every device.

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David Fair

Welcome to the elearning world, Pat! :) And thank you for the kind words! This project was one of those happy coincidences born out of current circumstances. I had this awesome new tool (Rise) to work with, and I had recently watched (and re-watched) the BBC Shetland mystery series. I thought Rise would work well as a vehicle for storytelling, so I decided to use a story to teach geography. And with my final destination already in mind (thanks to my fascination with Scotland), I used geographical clues to lead the reader to the Shetland Islands, mixing in a bit of drama to propel the story. I like to take inspiration from things around me, be that subject matter or design elements. If something is fascinating to you, it makes your job of crafting a course easier and more enjoyable,... Expand