This immersive, gamified challenge helps learners prep for an in-person training experience. Try it out and then learn more about how it was created in this discussion

Matt Aldred

Hi all, Thanks so much for the feedback! I apparently wasn't subscribed to this thread so I nearly missed all the comments. Duane - The continuous music is actually done through javascript. I would love to claim responsibility but it was Barrie in the team who borrowed a bit from another forum post and then simplified it. I'll get him to find the original post so it can be reshared. Janis - In terms of how long it took to make - I just wrote a similar reply to Chris in the other discussion so forgive the copy paste job below! "This is a tricky one to answer! We had had a few team sessions where we were coming up with more interesting ways to deliver content through Storyline. Then when we came to this project we went back and pilfered some of the ideas/templates from these... Expand