Thanks to the prebuilt variables available in the new slide numbers feature in Storyline 360, it’s easier than ever to create a personalized progress meter. Take a peek at this example to see one way to do that.

Head on over to this article to learn more ways to use this cool new feature and to this tutorial to see how I made this progress meter, step-by-step.

Wesley Adams

Wonderful job here! The real cleaver part is hover state. Would have never thought of that. I wonder if there is a way to do something a bit more complex. Say, depending a branching path, the user chooses from the Main Menu slide to calculate a remaining total number of slides in that path and create a Visual Progress Bar based on that. I think you could maybe through a several hard coded variable numbers. But I'm not sure that the Slide Number tool would be applicable anymore. Something to note in the demo provided is that if you skip around and go to the last slide in section 5, it will tell you that you've complete the course. If this is not the last slide of the whole course, it may be confusing for the learner. It may be an easy fix if you wanted to say, unlock section 5 fo... Expand

Allison LaMotte
Mary T. Collins