Practice is one of the best ways to take what you’ve learned in training and figure out how to apply it in the real world. But when getting things wrong can have serious repercussions, doing that practice on the job isn’t always an option. That’s where a branched e-learning scenario can come in. This approach gives people a realistic but safe situation where they can test their new abilities and learn from their mistakes.

In this example, you’ll see how learners can try out customer service skills they’ve learned elsewhere in one of the most stressful situations they’ll encounter—working with an angry customer. The decision points in this call center branched scenario don’t have obvious answers, which challenges people to stop and think critically before making a choice. Those choices change the story in meaningful ways, giving them subtle and realistic feedback. And while this branching technique may seem complex at first glance, it’s easy to set up using Storyline 360’s triggers.

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Bianca Woods