Lists and buttons are the typical go-tos for creating menus. But if you have content that loans itself well to visuals, why not consider an interactive collage instead? In this example, learners can tour a collection of beautiful travel locations by simply clicking each image.

Want to create a similar menu? Storyline 360 makes it easy with states. They’re a simple solution for allowing learner actions to change the appearance of an object. To make each image interactive, select it and open the States panel. Next, create two new states using the built-in options from the dropdown list: hover and visited. Customize the look of each state using Storyline 360’s image recoloring options or your favorite photo-editing software. Then finish up by adding a trigger that links to the related content.

Repeat those steps for each photo and just like that you’ll have an interactive collage that can track which content learners viewed!


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Samara Reyn