Building and repairing friendships are heavy topics to help a learner explore. But it’s amazing how a story and game mechanics can take a complex subject and make it more approachable. 

In this example, you’re on a journey with a creature named Mori to help her find something important she’s lost—but first, you’re going to need to earn her trust. Through making thoughtful choices in your discussions, you can gain points and get Mori to open up to you. And as you progress in your quest, she shares more clues about what went missing and why.

Freeform quiz question slides in Storyline 360 make it easy to simulate a conversation and provide custom reactions to learner’s responses. And by adding in number variables, you can give learners points to mark their progress and unlock new content in the story. 

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This project is also a beautiful example of how to use photos and illustrations together. Want to learn more ways to blend different types of images in your own work? Check out this article: The Art of Combining Illustrations and Photos in E-Learning.

Ella Michaelen

I Samara! I am currently getting my Master's Degree from ACE in Instructional Design and Technology. I am currently a kindergarten teacher but am looking to move to a remote position or just do something different. For my current class, we were directed to explore courses on here and I chose yours. Here is my review of your course that I shared with my classmates in a discussion group. I love your course! The first thing I always notice is when something catches my eye. I don’t even see text; I just see an image that draws me in. I was drawn to a dark screen with light green text. Once I looked closer, I saw that it was a journey: Mori’s Journey (which intrigued me). Who doesn’t like a quest? It reminded me of a Renaissance festival or Robinhood. The learning objectives are clearly wri... Expand