When you want to add a dash of chance to a Storyline 360 project, random number variables are there to help! For instance, like in this example, you can simulate the unexpected results of a card draw.

Inspired by Rory’s Story Cubes, this educational game challenges players to practice their language skills by quickly crafting a story around randomly chosen images. Depending on the skill level they choose, they can tell their story out loud or write it down and share it with others. And thanks to random number variables, the game is different each time they play! Want to read more about how it was made? Check out this article.

Adding unpredictable, game-like elements like this to your Storyline 360 course is remarkably easy. All it takes is pairing a random number variable with triggers. Have each number trigger a different result, and this handy variable takes care of the element of chance for you!


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