Taking a more literal approach to your course aesthetics can be tricky. On one hand, theming your visual design around the content topic makes it easy to come up with ideas. And it can make the overall design feel cohesive. But on the other hand, it can also make the course look like it was designed for kids—not likely what you’re trying to do with your health and safety training! The trick to making this work for adult learners all hinges on subtlety.

This example demonstrates a few easy ways to do just that. In it, lush bee photos and a subtle honeycomb theme reinforce the course topic without making it look corny or childlike. The repeated motif of zoomed-in bees perched on flowers helps connect the images without feeling gimmicky. Not only that, but the tight focus has a training benefit too—it makes it easier to see species differences. The stylish design is topped off by gentle animations that demonstrate how to make on-screen movement attention-grabbing but not distracting. Effects like this are easy to create in Storyline 360 thanks to built-in animation features and states.

The final result is a polished literal design that’s simple for even newbie designers to replicate in Storyline 360.

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