Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes Academy, where you’ll learn how to create amazing e-learning courses. To help you get started, we’ve created six educational series to guide you through everything from planning your course to measuring its success.

Take a look at the following series descriptions, decide where you’d like to start, and then jump in!  

Series: Getting Started with E-Learning

Are you new to e-learning? If so, this section is a must read. We’ll teach you the basics of e-learning courses, types of e-learning software, instructional design tips, and best practices for managing your e-learning projects. When you’re finished with this series, you’ll have a great sense of what it takes to build e-learning courses that engage your learners and keep them coming back for more.

Series: Planning Your Course

When it comes to creating e-learning, a little planning goes a long way. This series offers effective strategies on how to set your course up for greater success. You’ll learn how to identify strong course objectives, collect and manage good content, work effectively with subject matter experts (SMEs), create the right look and feel for your course, and successfully execute your plans. You’ll walk away with a solid understanding of what it takes to plan outstanding courses.

Series: Developing Your Course

This series gives you all the information you need to jump into course development. It helps you gather assets for your courses, create storyboards that bring your ideas to life, and add visual design elements to your courses. It also teaches you the basics of audio and video production.

Series: Building Interactivity

Learners love to be engaged by e-learning courses. They want to make choices, interact with the screen, and control their learning environment. In this series, you’ll learn how to add compelling interactions to your courses and use those interactions to motivate your learners. You’ll also learn how to animate like a pro and write realistic scenarios.

Series: Building Assessments

To determine if your learners truly understand your course content, it’s important to assess their knowledge and skills throughout your courses. This series shows you how to write effective e-learning quiz questions and measure your learners’ knowledge. Perhaps most importantly, it teaches you to provide meaningful feedback so you can enhance your learners’ knowledge.

Series: Deploying and Measuring Your Courses

After you’ve completed your e-learning masterpieces, you need to get them to your learners. You’ll also want to track who’s viewing your courses and see if they’re really making a difference to your organization. In this series, you’ll learn how to get your e-learning courses online and track your learners’ activity. You’ll also learn how to measure learner satisfaction and the effectiveness of your content. Ultimately, this information will help you communicate the value of your courses to your organization.

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Nicole Legault