Engaging e-learning courses are easy to build in Storyline 3 with a wide range of slide types from which to choose. You can even import slides from other projects to save time.

Adding a New Slide

There are several ways to add slides to a Storyline project. Use any of these methods:

  • Go to the Home tab on the ribbon, click New Slide, and choose a slide type.
  • Go to the Slides tab on the ribbon and choose a slide type.
  • In Story View, right-click anywhere in the workspace, scroll to New Slide, and choose a slide type.
  • In Slide View or Form View, right-click anywhere in the Scenes panel, scroll to New Slide, and choose a slide type.

Choosing a Slide Type

Here’s a brief description of each slide type (or source) with links to learn more.

My Templates

Save time by creating and reusing your own custom templates, or download free templates from the E-Learning Heroes community.

Basic Layouts

Basic layouts are common slide designs for titles, text, and media. Basic layouts are based on your design theme and slide masters as well as templates you’ve added to the current project.


Maintain a consistent design and save time by importing slides from PowerPoint presentations, Quizmaker quizzes, Engage interactions, and other Storyline projects.

You can even import quiz questions from Excel spreadsheets and text files.


Choose from dozens of question templates, both form-based and freeform.

See also: Question Banks


Use a result slide to give learners feedback at the end of a quiz and to track their results in a learning management system (LMS).

Record Screen

Record your screen once, then insert the screencast as a video on a single slide or as step-by-step interactive simulations—or both!