Carol  Hennells
Carol Hennells
Carol Hennells replied to the discussion Bonus Question Scoring
"Hi Lauren, Thank you for your quick response. I followed the Support Engineers link you provided and privately attached my file. Th..."
  • almost 5 years ago10/23/19 at 5:57 pm (UTC)
"ok, that makes sense now. Thank you for explaining this so well! Appreciate your help! Carol "
  • almost 5 years ago09/18/19 at 2:33 pm (UTC)
"Yes, they are able to complete it again. I was thinking of doing that to see what kind of results we get this time. "
  • almost 5 years ago09/18/19 at 2:20 pm (UTC)
"Hi Brian, Thank you for the suggestions. I checked with the users and none of those instances you list occurred during the assessme..."
  • almost 5 years ago09/18/19 at 2:01 pm (UTC)
"Hi Brian, Any suggestions? Should I change to Complete/Incomplete? Thank you, Carol"
  • almost 5 years ago09/15/19 at 11:42 pm (UTC)
"Hi Brian, I have it as Passed/Failed"
  • almost 5 years ago09/13/19 at 12:41 pm (UTC)