Extracting all users' results from Storyline 3 assessment

Sep 13, 2019

I've created an assessment that 7 users completed on LMS.  The report only shows final scores for 3 of the 7 users.  My LMS administrator said it was something in my Scorm 2004 file I provided.  Any ideas on why some of the final scores are reported but not all of them?


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Brian Allen

I was going to recommend that you use pass/fail if you weren't already, as complete/incomplete would result in a "in progress" status for the user if they completed the assessment with a failing grade.

If you're only seeing final scores for 3 individuals, my guess would be that the other four: 

  • Did not complete the entire assessment (or)
  • Did not close out correctly, resulting in an in progress status (or)
  • Had some sort of internet outage or network disruption that prevented their final score from being sent to the LMS, leaving them "in progress" (or)
  • Were possibly using a browser (or browser settings) that don't mesh well with your LMS and SCORM... It's my experience that firefox, for example, does not always reliably work with SCORM well.

Hopefully some of these ideas help get you going in the right direction with your troubleshooting.

Carol  Hennells

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the suggestions.  I checked with the users and none of those instances you list occurred during the assessment.  My LMS administrator states the "scorm attribute called "cmi_core_score_raw" is without value" is the cause, but I'm not sure how we get final scores for some users but not for all users.

Brian Allen
Carol Hennells

but I'm not sure how we get final scores for some users but not for all users.

Carol, this is key... if your LMS administrator was correct then you wouldn't have the three final scores, and if you ask them how you have the three final scores I'd say they'd have no answer for you on that.

I did global LMS admin for a number of years, and the situations I suggested are just a few possibilities out of many that could cause this to happen.

While polling your users is always a good idea, many of them would probably be unaware if (for example) there was a network or internet outage that prevented their scores from being sent to the LMS. From their perspective they would have completed the course and probably even saw a final score, unaware that their score was never sent because at some point the course became disconnected with the LMS.

If these same users make another attempt at the course are they able to complete it successfully?

Brian Allen
Carol Hennells

Yes, they are able to complete it again.

And again, more evidence against anything being wrong with your SCORM package.

If you LMS administrator states the "scorm attribute called "cmi_core_score_raw" is without value" is the cause of the incompletions, this would indicate that *something* happened to prevent this attribute from being sent to the LMS for your users that didn't have a final score reported.

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