We’re super-excited to announce the latest new features and assets in Articulate 360: tons of goodies to help you create gorgeous, engaging content that learners will love.

Here are a few highlights from this release:

  • The new modern player in Storyline 360 gives desktop and mobile learners the same beautiful experience across all devices.
  • Now learners can search the content of a Rise course and jump directly to what’s relevant for them.
  • Course translation lets you export an XLIFF file, localize it, and then upload it to create language-specific versions of your Rise courses.
  • Hiding lesson numbers and turning off previous/next buttons will help you create branched scenarios in Rise.
  • There are new interactive blocks in the works that’ll let you add labeled graphic, sorting, process, and timeline interactions to your custom blocks lessons.
  • Four new photographic characters, including folks in medical and business wear, and the new Serenity template in Content Library make it easier than ever to find gorgeous assets for your content.

Excited to learn more? Take a peek at this overview video and then check out all the new goodness on the What’s New page. And if you’d like to take these features for a spin, start a free, 30-day trial of Articulate 360.


Nastassja Pretorius
Judy Cornelius
Alison  L.

ok, im going to be the grumpy grouse here, and say you need to (still) include RISE when talking about BLOCKS, especially will all the wonderful, new features you are showing. Unless it is just ME, but as I do Storyline (and not really Rise), I was reading the Whats-New and was like “blocks”? I knew there is a not so new player, but what are blocks? am i THAT behind?? - and then i ran over to Google i could only get “storyline blocks” and something about Rise, cuz we dont read web pages, we scan/skim them, so I am all like “yah, but what are these StoryLine Blocks??” But again, maybe it’s just me. (but yeah, keep including app names (eg Rise) when talking something app specific (eg. blocks), to save some of us 15-20min trying to look something up that doesnt exist (cuz if it’s no... Expand