illustration of two characters cheering while standing on either side of an oversized present

We’re super-excited about the new features we’ve added to Articulate 360. They’re going to help you quickly create courses that are more visually appealing, more accessible, and more engaging than ever before.

In case you missed it: Articulate 360 is an annual subscription that includes award-winning authoring apps like Storyline 360 and Rise 360, as well as 17+ million course assets, an easy-to-use course review app, and live online training with industry experts. Subscribers get access to continuous updates that make Articulate 360 even more powerful.

Here’s a taste of the features and content we’ve added recently:

  • Integration with Content Library, new block types, and more in Rise: Access photos and illustrations from the 17+ million royalty-free assets in Content Library, right from Rise. There are also two new block types to try, plus you can now share source files with other Rise authors and export Rise courses as xAPI (Tin Can API) packages.
  • Tables for creating more accessible courses in Storyline: Structure your text with tables so screen readers can understand how your data is organized. (Note: This feature is also now available in Storyline 3.)
  • New content in Content Library: We’ve added two photographic characters and a gorgeous editorial-style template set.
  • The ability to attach files in Articulate Review: Provide reviewers with helpful context by attaching files, such as screenshots and course assets, to your comments.

See what’s available and what’s on the way

Since launch, we’ve released more than 40 new features, created tons of new content, and added many new Articulate Live webinars to Articulate 360. And we’ve got lots more on the way! Be sure to check What’s New, What’s Next to stay up to date.

If you’re eager to try these new features and content, but you haven’t subscribed to Articulate 360 yet, don’t worry! You can try Articulate 360 free for 30 days.