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Articulate 360 gives you everything you need for course development, including authoring apps Storyline 360 and Rise 360, 9+ million course assets, a project review app, and live online training with industry experts. Because Articulate 360 is a subscription, you get access to new features and content as we release them.

This year we released 60+ major features to help course creators collaborate, work more productively, and more. Here are some of our favorites:

Articulate 360 Teams

Get team access to Articulate 360 with exclusive collaboration features and more.

  • Share a library of team slides: Build a collection of slides your team can access right from within Storyline 360.
  • Collaborate on courses: Create and edit Rise courses together with your team.
  • Add user seats: Purchase additional seats from your management console as your team grows.
  • Upload team members: Add Articulate 360 users to your account by importing a CSV file.


Create fully responsive courses in minutes.

More interactivity

  • Multiple response questions: Create assessments with more than one correct answer.
  • Fill-in-the-blank questions: Challenge learners to recall key words or phrases.
  • Enhanced quiz feedback: Reinforce learners’ knowledge with a variety of feedback options.
  • Storyline block: Add custom interactions built in Storyline 360 to Rise courses.
  • Knowledge check block: Add multiple choice knowledge checks to custom lessons.
  • Attachments block: Add downloadable resources to your Rise lessons.
  • Flashcard interaction block: Add interactive flashcards to your custom lessons.
  • Continue block: Make sure learners view all content before moving on.
  • Exit course: Set buttons in block lessons to leave a course, or add an ever-present link that returns learners to an LMS.

New customization options

  • Custom fonts: Personalize Rise courses with custom fonts for heading and body text.
  • Course cover photos: Customize the look of your course with a photographic cover.
  • Text editor enhancements: Make course text look the way you want with new formatting options.
  • Custom text labels: Customize the default text labels in Rise courses.

Workflow enhancements

  • Copy lessons to other courses: Copy lessons across Rise courses to reuse existing content and create courses faster.
  • Integration with Articulate Review: Get consolidated feedback on Rise projects using the simple, web-based Articulate Review app.
  • Folders: Create folders in your Rise dashboard to organize projects.
  • Content Library images: Access 9+ million images in Content Library, right from within Rise.
  • Copy course: Send a copy of your course to another Rise author.
  • Tin Can (xAPI) support: Export Rise courses as Tin Can API-compliant packages.

Accessibility features

  • Higher contrast for accessibility: Experience higher contrast of colors for built-in course elements.

Storyline 360

Build immersive e-learning courses with custom interactivity.

Workflow enhancements

  • Text to speech: Convert text to speech right in Storyline 360.
  • Text-to-speech closed captions: Generate closed captions that are automatically synced with text-to-speech narration.
  • Object editing enhancements: Size and position objects with pixel-perfect precision.
  • Fine-tune motion paths: Create perfect motion paths easily with greater control over how objects move.
  • Detect missing fonts: Quickly discover if any fonts used in your course are missing from your computer.
  • Replace fonts: Replace one font with another throughout your project—fast.
  • Slide layer enhancements: Switch between layers by keeping the properties window open. Plus, set properties for and duplicate multiple layers at the same time.

Accessibility features

  • Tables: Structure text and communicate how data is organized to screen readers.
  • Closed captions editor: Create, edit, and fine-tune closed captions right in Storyline 360.
  • Import closed captions: Import a caption file for each audio track and video in your course to add closed captions.
  • Custom fonts for closed captions: Use custom fonts for your closed captions.
  • Toggle closed captions on and off: Use triggers to toggle captions on and off when you build your own custom course navigation.

New options for creating interactive content

  • Random number variable: Add game-like and math elements to Storyline 360 courses with a random number variable.
  • Additional dial style: Experience more options for creating dial interactions with another gorgeous built-in style.

Fresh assets

  • 9+ million course assets: Access royalty-free images, videos, and icons right from within Storyline 360.

Articulate Review

Get stakeholder buy-in fast with this project review app.

  • Attachment with comments: Let reviewers attach files to their comments.
  • Subscribe to comments: Subscribe to projects and receive email notifications for new comments.
  • Emojis support: Give your Articulate Review comments more personality with emojis.
  • Comment without account: Allow reviewers who don’t have an Articulate ID to comment on courses.
  • Email digest: Choose to get hourly or daily summaries of activity rather than a separate email for each new comment.
  • Export comments: Export project feedback to a CSV file or a PDF document.

Content Library

Build beautiful e-learning faster with course assets.

  • 9+ million royalty-free assets: Access 9+ million photos, icons, videos, illustrations, and vector graphics right from Storyline 360 and Rise.
  • 15 new characters: Connect with learners using the new photographic characters in a variety of industries and styles.
  • Two new template sets: Get started on Storyline 360 projects fast with two new template sets.

Learn more about these and the other Articulate 360 features we’ve released on our What’s New page. Then, experience these new features for yourself with a free, 30-day trial of Articulate 360.


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