A Fresh Batch of Articulate 360 Updates

We're continuously adding new features to Articulate 360. Most recently we've improved accessibility features, added loads of new assets, and given you more control over Review 360 notifications. And more goodness is on the way! With new and upcoming features in Articulate 360, you’ll get:

  • More accessibility features in Storyline 360. You can now import closed caption files.
  • More assets in Content Library 360—17+ million! All the new images and videos are royalty-free.
  • More control in Review 360. You can keep your inbox tidy by choosing to receive a daily summary of all Review 360 activity rather than a separate email for each new comment.
  • More options in Rise 360. xAPI (Tin Can API) support and custom text labels are here.   
  • More for everyone on an Articulate 360 Team account. Soon, Articulate 360 Teams will be able to add users to their account fast by uploading a CSV file. And Articulate 360 Teams users are able to collaborate on Rise 360 courses.

But Wait, There’s More

This is just a taste of what’s available in Articulate 360 with this release. For a full list of what’s new and what will be released in the coming weeks, visit our What’s New, What’s Next page. If you like what you see but haven’t subscribed yet, don’t worry. You can try Articulate 360 free for 30 days

Kelly Meeker
Darren McNeill

I have now been required to revert to Captivate for Responsive Designs for Mobile as the results from Storyline 360 are disappointing unfortunately, especially the Portrait views of both Tablets and Smart Phones. In Portrait view in Storyline 360 the content simply shrinks to fit the width, and so a lot of content is not readable, so I am not sure where the claim of responsive comes from to be honest. At least with Captivate ( I am using it again begrudgingly) I can control the UX of the content whether viewed in Portrait or landscape mode. I have full control of the look and feel for each different type of view... this is required. It seems we are being forced to accept the Storyline 360 decision. Rise is excellent but again limiting. The ideal situation would be to use Storyline 360 an... Expand

Ellen Benegar