Tips for working with feedback layers in Quizmaker

Quizmaker '13 has arrived and with it, an enhanced ability to provide customized feedback for your learners via feedback layers!   Feedback layers allow you to build feedback in Slide View, which means that you have access to all of Quizmaker's great creation tools!  Here are three important tips for getting started:

1. How to Activate the Feedback Layers in Quizmaker '13

When you’re in Quizmaker's Slide View, you’ll notice a panel on the right hand side of the interface.  Simply select Feedback by Question and you’ll notice the feedback layers appear at the bottom of the panel:

Once the feedback layers appear, simply select one of the layers and begin making changes to the layer on the slide. 

Note: If you want to provide feedback “By Choice”, go to Form View and select “By Choice” and add text for each choice.  As you do, the layers will appear in Slide View.  Also, If you give the learner more than one attempt at a question, a “Try Again” layer will also appear.

2. Text Feedback is Coordinated Between Form View and Slide View

If you make a change to the text feedback in Form View, you’ll see that the text is also updated in Slide View.  The opposite also holds true.  Quizmaker '13 does a great job of coordinating the activity between the two views. This makes for a seamless experience as you update your text feedback. So feel free to work from whichever view you feel more comfortable in.

3. Each Quizmaker Feedback Layer Can Contain Unique Content

Having access to the feedback layers in Slide View means that you also have access to all of the great slide design tools!  You can add images, characters, text, audio and video, web objects, etc.  You can build out the feedback layer like any other slide in your course.  So get creative and imagine the possibilities!  Perhaps a YouTube video plays if your learner answers a particular question incorrectly?  Or maybe you use a character from the built-in character pack to provide a visual response?

If you’d like to see me walk through the 3 Tips that I described above, watch this Screenr:

Otherwise, let your creative juices flow with feedback layers and check back-in next week as I’ll be showing you how to create multiple feedback layer designs by using the Feedback Master.  It’s really awesome, and a huge time saver!

How do you foresee using feedback layers to provide your learners with a customized experience?

If you want to check out Quizmaker '13 but don't have it yet, no problem. Just sign up for a fully functional, free 30-day trial. And don't forget to post your questions and comments in the forums! We're here to help. For more e-learning tips, examples, and downloads, follow us on Twitter.

David H

I would like to be able to do a drag drop quiz in StoryLine however allowing images to be dropped in to many rectangle shapes and still be correct. Unfortunately the Edit Drag Drop feature only seems to allow a one to one correct drag drop relationship. I was trying to make an electronic circuit diagram quiz with drag drop components, but it only works to a limited extent. i.e. If I have 3 identical images of horizontal wires I want them to be able to be dragged to any of the 3 rectangles designated for the wire connections. etc... I created a drag drop grid of rectangles to form a circuit board grid for this purpose. For a correct answer to register, I'm currently restricted to drag dropping the wire into its exact designated rectangle shape and not the other shapes also designated fo... Expand

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