6 Playful Storyline Examples That Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

There’s nothing like playing with amazing e-learning to fire up your creativity. And this batch of toy-themed examples will give you plenty of ideas for creating online courses full of fun and whimsy. Check out these examples for some delightful e-learning inspiration:

  • Try your hand at rescuing stuffed animals with “The Claw” in this slider-based game created in Storyline 2 by Nick Russell.
  • Save your patient’s life in this Operation-themed Storyline 2 mobile game by Linda Lorenzetti.
  • See how whimsical characters can deliver weighty messages in this Storyline 2 interaction by Jackie Van Nice.
  • Square off against Darth Vader in this super fun Studio ‘13 quiz by Trina Rimmer.
  • See how Teddy gets work done in this funny Storyline interaction by Joanna Kurpiewska.

Ready to play some more? Find even more great inspiration in our examples hub, and then jump-start your next project with tons of free downloads.