A few weeks ago, E-Learning Heroes community member David Lindenberg shared a delightful new Articulate Storyline template with a superhero comic book theme. David’s “Meet/Create the Team” project is a simple, fun interaction using states, variables, and triggers. These features let users customize a team of superheroes based on their physical strength,  mental powers, fighting skills, and, of course, their ability to fly.

As I clicked through David’s project, gleefully imagining myself in the role of Nick Fury assembling my own team of Avengers, I realized that he’d created much more than just a fun comic book layout. His project is actually a very flexible design that could be handy for a creative assessment tool or easily morphed into an engaging practice exercise. So I decided to transform David’s playful design into a more serious self-assessment/scorecard interaction.

Articulate Storyline Example Interaction

In the end, transforming the comic book styling of this project to a more versatile design for professional use still required a few hours of work. However, that was mostly because I added some variables to provide more customized feedback. That being said, reusing David’s template was still a big timesaver overall. Not only did it save me hours of effort conceptualizing a design, I also saved time by repurposing the existing layout, variables, and triggers.

In the following video, I’ll walk you through David’s template and show you how I used my own superpowers to take this comic book layout from “just for fun” to “perfect for professional use.”

View my new project in action

Download the new template

See David’s original project in action


In addition to using David’s project as a starting point, I took advantage of some cheap (and occasionally free) resources from around the web to help me design this new template.

The leaf background image I used came from Dollar Photo Club. I also used a few free Google fonts: Pacifico and Roboto Condensed.

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Have you repurposed one (or many!) of our free download templates? If so, leave us a comment below to share your experience. If not, give it a try and tell us how it goes.

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