Are you new to e-learning and bursting at the seams with questions? Are you looking for tips and tricks from someone reputable, who has years of experience creating real-world training? Here’s your chance! On Wednesday, January 14th, 2015, join Tom Kuhlmann for a live AMA event from 1-3PM ET in the E-Learning Heroes forums.

Tom Kuhlmann, author of the Rapid E-Learning Blog, will answer your questions about getting started in the e-learning industry. From top time-saving development tricks to recommendations on what to include in your portfolio, Tom will be ready and willing to answer your questions and help you get started on the right foot.

How to take part?

Mark the event date in your calendar and visit this page when the event begins at 1 PM ET on Wednesday, January 14th. When the live event starts, the comments will become enabled and you can post your questions for Tom.

Tom will try to answer as many questions as possible during the session, starting with the ones people are most interested in seeing answered. You can help Tom determine which ones are most popular by using the “Like” button to vote for the questions you want answered. He’ll do his best to prioritize the ones with the most Likes!

We hope you’ll join us for this fun event! Don’t forget to follow #ArticulateAMA on Twitter for all the most recent news and info about the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

POST-EVENT UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for participating! This has been awesome. Feel free to continue the discussion and if you have new questions, please post them in our forums and the community will dive in.

We’re also excited to announce that our next Articulate AMA will be with Articulate visual designer Greg Christman. If you love all the awesome illustrations and graphics you see on E-Learning Heroes, this is your chance to get input from one of the guys who creates them! Greg will answer all your visual and graphic design questions on Wednesday, February 18, from 1-3 pm EST. Don’t forget to follow #ArticulateAMA on Twitter for all the latest news and updates!

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You should be able to host Articulate content in your SharePoint server. First, use the Web publishing option for your Articulate content. Then, in SharePoint, switch to "Explorer View" before uploading your published output as explained in this forum post: You may also need to "check in" your published files after uploading them to SharePoint: If you need to track learners' progress and results, publish your Articulate content for LMS (SCORM), and use SharePoint's free Learning Kit: However,... Expand

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What has worked for me: Having the SME's participate in developing the scenarios so that the the scenarios are closer to the learners' real world. I also ask the SME's for permission to give them credit for the scenario development. This technique accomplishes two things 1) a better buy-in from the SME's (since their names are associated with the results), 2) better acceptance from the learners since they typically have a functional relationship with the SME's. I highly recommend using SME's from each region for scenario development when developing global training. If the organization/SME's are reluctant to participate, that is a clear signal to scrap the scenario approach. I have found that if I insist and develop the scenarios, I spent a lot of time justifying the scenario... Expand

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