Top Free Storyline 2 Downloads

We want to make it easy for you to create gorgeous, captivating e-learning in no time. That’s why we share tons of free downloads to help you get started. Grab our top Storyline 2 templates to stock up your e-learning toolkit just in time for the new year.

  1. Help your learners explore new information with this Slider Interaction.
  2. Bring your course to life with this Triggered Motion Path Template.
  3. See how you can personalize your course for every learner with this Username Variable Template.
  4. Present several layers of content in one slide with this beautiful Tabs Template.
  5. Make it easy for learners to see how far they’ve made it in your course with this Progress Tracker Template.
  6. Include a customized fill-in-the-blank activity in your next course with this template.
  7. Make your clickable objects glide across the screen to their new position in this motion-path-powered Click-and-Reveal Interaction Template.

We post new freebies all the time in the Storyline downloads hub, so keep coming back for more! Or share your latest creation in the E-Learning Heroes discussions.