Best of 2014: Top 9 Articulate Studio Timesavers

Articulate Studio makes it easy and fast to create e-learning courses in PowerPoint, a tool you already know. But we’re going to take it another step and make sure you’re prepared to make the most of all of Studio’s awesome features. Check out our top Studio time-savers of 2014:  

  1. Check out this community discussion where E-Learning Heroes are sharing their Top 3 PowerPoint Time-Savers.
  2. Learn how to use Slide Master View to edit all your slides at once!
  3. Dig into the The Fastest & Easiest Way to Create E-Learning Scenarios to bring some real-life context to your next course.
  4. See how you can Create a Simple Tabs Interaction in PowerPoint in minutes. 
  5. Templates are an easy way to get started building your courses in no time. Check out these Four Things You Should Know About Articulate Presenter ’13 Player Templates for tips and tricks on making them work for you.
  6. Templates aren’t just for Presenter! We’ve got 5 Free Articulate Replay Templates to help you personalize your screencasts in seconds.
  7. PowerPoint is a great way to easily and quickly customize graphics for your courses. Get started with our 4 Tips for Editing Graphics Directly in PowerPoint.
  8. You know you want to read about Ridiculously Simple Ways to Create Awesome Custom E-Learning Graphics!
  9. Sometimes the biggest challenge in creating an e-learning course is getting your arms around the content. Save time with our 4 Easy Ways to Organize Content For E-Learning.

Do you have tips you want to share? We’d love to hear them! Join in the E-Learning Heroes discussions anytime.  

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