Button-Up Your Course Design with these 7 Super-Clickable Downloads

What can we say? People love pressing buttons! And when you add interactivity to buttons, like the illuminating effect of, say, an elevator button, they become irresistibly engaging. That’s probably why our Button Effects Challenge was one of our most popular ever, with community members of all experience levels sharing their work. 

If you have a button interaction that you’d like to share, please do! In the meantime, help yourself to these inspiring downloads. Happy clicking!

Still got button fever? Don’t miss The Ultimate Guide to Buttons in Storyline 2, and Tips for Creating Great Buttons That Stand Out. Then, explore everything you can do with Articulate Storyline 2 in our E-Learning Examples Hub. You can also find tons of free, inspirational downloads in our Storyline downloads hub.

David Anderson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, James! Glad to hear you like the examples in this week's recap. Most of the examples are shared as Storyline project files (.story). So you can open the files and play with the examples to learn how they were created. You can also copy the buttons from one project into another. The buttons won't get saved into your built-in templates unless you save the files as Story Templates (.storytemplate) As .storytemplate files, they won't work like characters but they can be inserted by going to Insert > New Slide and then choosing one of the template slides. Here's where you can learn more about Storyline's templates: https://community.articulate.com/series/articulate-storyline-2/articles/working-with-templates I hope that helps but please let us kno... Expand