In an earlier post, we looked at how to create a clickable pop-up effect in courses you build with Articulate Presenter '09. Did you know you can use a similar trick to create a clickable zoom effect?

All you need to do is create a duplicate slide with the enlarged image, and then add clickable areas to your slide, using PowerPoint hyperlinks. You can then use the Slide Properties in Articulate Presenter to control how learners interact with the zoom slide.

Here’s a screencast of the process, but if you prefer to follow written steps, I’ve included those below too:

  1. Add a slide that contains your regular-sized image. Then create a duplicate of that slide, but replace the regular-sized image with an enlarged one.
  2. On the regular-sized image, add a PowerPoint hyperlink:
    • With the image selected, click Insert > Hyperlink.
    • Then choose Place in this document and choose the slide where you’ve added the enlarged image.
  3. Now switch to the slide with the enlarged image. Add an X or the word Close (or something else that tells the learner where to click to return to the original image).
  4. Add a hyperlink on the X or the word Close (or both) so that learners can click on it to close the zoom. Make the hyperlink point to the slide that contains the regular-sized image.
  5. Finally, click Slide Properties on the Articulate menu and make the following tweaks:
    • On the slide that contains your enlarged image, right-click the slide and choose Hide in navigation panel. This prevents the zoom slide from appearing in your sidebar.
    • Adjust the Branching behavior: On the slides before and after the zoom slide, change the Next and Previous actions, respectively, so that learners skip the zoom slide if they click forward or back on the player controls.
    • Click in the Lock column for the zoom slide. This disables the player controls so that learners need to click the Close or X button to return to the regular-sized image.
    • For both the slides where you added a hyperlink, change the Advance setting to By User.
Jeanette Brooks
Jeanette Brooks
Jeanette Brooks
Jeanette Brooks

Yeah, if your slide has animations and/or audio, those will replay when the learner gets back to that slide. If you'd rather not have that happen, you could create a non-animated/non-audio copy of the slide and direct learners there instead when they close the pop-up. If you do that, you'll want to also customize the branching behavior in your Slide Properties, to make sure that the extra slide doesn't display when you don't want it too - i.e., if the learners click through the slides in a linear order: You can also use Slide Properties to hide any of those extra slides from appearing in your player's sidebar: Expand