How to Build Custom Folder Tabs Interactions

Looking for a simple yet effective way to help learners digest content in slide-heavy training courses? Try chunking related content into folder tabs interactions.

Tabs interactions are a great way to group related content or resources into a single slide so learners remain focused in the moment, without having to branch to new slides for each piece of content.

About the workshop

In this video workshop, you’ll see how to design and build your own folder tabs interaction. You’ll learn to use the shape tools in Storyline and PowerPoint to build custom tabs graphics, create button sets to provide visual feedback for active tabs, and work with triggers and slide layers to display each tab’s content. In addition, you’ll also get production tips for working efficiently in Articulate Storyline.

Topics include:

  • Building custom tabs graphics
  • Creating the normal, hover, active, and visited states
  • Creating custom button states
  • Adding slide layers to chunk related content
  • Using triggers to show and hide slide content
  • Saving interactions as reusable templates
  • Publishing for a variety of delivery platforms

Demo: View the final project

Source files: Download

View the 45-minute workshop


Creating Tab Graphics

Toggling Tabs with Button Sets

Adding Content Placeholders

Creating the Interactivity

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