E-Learning Podcasts: Audio Interviews with Course Designers #364

Audio Interviews with E-Learning Designers #364: Challenge | Recap

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to record your answers to the following 10 interview questions:

Podcast Interview Questions:

  1. Who are you, and how did you get into e-learning? What did you do before e-learning?
  2. What is your design process, and how do you approach new projects?
  3. How do you work with subject matter experts? What advice would you offer to designers just getting started?
  4. What is your favorite part about designing e-learning? What do you like least?
  5. What do you think about storyboards? Do you use them? Do you avoid them? What is it you like or dislike about using storyboards?
  6. How do you solicit and incorporate client feedback? Have you ever pushed back on clients or SMEs? How did it work out?
  7. What do e-learning designers need to know about designing accessible courses?
  8. How do you measure a project's success?
  9. What would you like to learn in 2022 to help grow as a course designer?
  10. What's one thing you can tell us to get to know you better? 

Recording and Sharing Your Interviews

You can use any tool or platform you like to host your audio clips. Check out the audio interview challenge from 2020 to get an idea of the many ways you can present and deliver your interview.

Recommendation: After recording your audio clips, post a summary of your answers on your own blog or in the forums.

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Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you sound off in this week’s podcast challenge, check out the custom results slides your fellow challengers shared over the past week:

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David Anderson
Jonathan Hill
Jodi M. Sansone
Peter Mercier
Jodi M. Sansone
Jodi M. Sansone
Jodi M. Sansone
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson
Cristina Graham
Peter Mercier

Well, friendly reminder I'm new to this, so be please handle with not-yet-adult gloves. I had the same idea as Jodi regarding using Vyond, but let's not compare this to hers, ok? In any case, would love any thoughts, feedback, and insights any of you might have. I had the storyboard and video components to this done on Monday, but having a 2 and 4 year old at home with a bunch of other meetings and projects pushed narrating this to the backburner. Huge shoutout to Jodi for mentioning Murf.ai - I used it for Tanya's voice and it's definitely better quality than most text-to-audio options out there. But in order to download it, you have to have a paid account, so I used Google's Chrome Audio Capture add-on, but my computer really doesn't do well with audio recording from the screen,... Expand

Marianick Pichon
Sarah Gale