One of the toughest challenges e-learning developers face is making static content, such as organizational charts, engaging and interactive. But with Storyline, you can easily create informative, attention-grabbing activities that bring static content to life.

To help show you what you can do, we’ve collected some creative interactive org chart examples from our community. Check them out:  

  • This branching org chart by Nicole Legault shows learners the relationships between different roles at a company.
  • See how you can help prioritize information for learners in this interactive map example by Jackie Van Nice.
  • This multidimensional org chart by Jeff Kortenbosch invites learners to explore a blank chart by clicking on empty positions.
  • Learn how you can make a photo collage interactive in this neat example by Montse Anderson.
  • This interactive org chart by Tim Slade uses animations to reorganize content on the screen based on learner choices. Andyou can grab the free download!
  • Challenge learners to remember their new co-workers’ spots on an org chart with a simple drag-and-drop. Check out this great example by Richard Watson.
  • Get ideas for how to present a large organization to learners in this org chart example by Lance Treloar.

If you’re interested in seeing even more org chart examples, check out this E-Learning Challenge. And feel free to add your own! The challenges are always open. You can also find some great, free chart templates in our downloads hub.



Alison  L.