articulate storyline drag-and-drop

Drag-and-drop interactions are a popular element of online training courses for many good reasons: most notably, they’re fun, challenging, and engaging for learners! These interactions go beyond passive browsing and invite learners to touch and explore course elements. And, they make it easy to give learners instantaneous feedback if they’re not on the right track.

Could drag-and-drops get any better? Yes! With Articulate Storyline it’s unbelievably easy to create a drag and drop interaction using tools like convert-to-freeform or triggers. Here are seven cool examples that showcase what you can do with drag-and-drops in Storyline:

For more info on creating drag-and-drop interactions with Storyline 2, check out this helpful blog post from The Rapid E-Learning Blog and take a look at this step-by-step tutorial. And for more drag-and-drop examples, check out E-Learning Challenge #16 and E-Learning Challenge #21. If you haven’t checked out the Challenges, get on it! They’re a great way to find new inspiration, get feedback on your work, and build your skills.

Kim Gillham