Using Online Training to Master Punctuation Rules


Punctuation and Grammar #75: Challenge | Recap


If you’re like most course designers, you have a dozens (maybe hundreds) of bookmarks for writing and editing. That makes sense because text is still the most popular visual communication element.


I recently found a new resource guide for punctuation. The site is called The Punctuation Guide and it’s a wonderful resource for teaching punctuation.


The Punctuation Guide


The Punctuation Guide


View The Punctuation Guide


I like how the guide has an app-like feel.  The navigation, rollovers, and layout would work really well for a non-linear e-learning course.


The only thing missing is a practice component. I wish there were some activities for users to test and practice punctuation skills. Thankfully, our community is always on the lookout for e-learning challenge ideas. And that’s what this week’s challenge is all about!


Challenge of the Week


This week your challenge is to design a learning interaction that teaches one or more concepts around punctuation.







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Last Week’s Challenge:


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Wishing you a playfully punctuated week, E-Learning Heroes!


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