After publishing or uploading an item to Review 360, you can use either a share link or review request to invite stakeholders to review the item and post their feedback. Learn about each process below. 

Use a Share Link

To share your content and collect feedback, send stakeholders a direct link to your Review 360 item.

  1. From your dashboard, hover over an item, and click the More (•••) icon that appears. Then, choose Share settings.  Or select the checkbox in the upper-left corner of the card, and choose the chain link icon from the action toolbar on top. You can also open a Review 360 item from the dashboard and click Share in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Next, choose who can view your item using the Item Access dropdown. You can select Anyone with the link or Only invited users. The dialog box shows different options depending on your choice:

Anyone with the link

Only invited users

share settings for only invited users

Anyone with the link

Select Anyone with the link from the dropdown to share your content more broadly. Then decide if you need these optional settings:

  • If your reviewers don’t have Articulate accounts, select Allow users without Articulate IDs to comment. Stakeholders must enter their email addresses so you can identify their comments, and they can receive discussion notifications.

    We recommend encouraging stakeholders to sign in with an Articulate ID for the best experience. For example, reviewers who sign in can see badges for unread comments and change their email notification settings. Ask them to create a free account here.
  • To password-protect your content for additional security, select the Set a password checkbox and enter a password in the field that appears. Turn off the password at any time simply by unchecking it. (Only the content owner and team folder editors can add and remove passwords.)

Note: When you share Storyline project files with collaborators, they can access any integrated comments linked to the slides unless you password-protect the Review 360 item.

Only invited users

Choose Only invited users from the dropdown if you want more control over who can view the link. Invited users must have an Articulate ID to access the item you’re sharing. (If the stakeholder you want to invite doesn’t have an Articulate ID, ask them to create a free account here.) Then follow these steps to manage access:

  1. To add users, type in the person's email address in the People with Access field, then press Enter or select it from the drop-down list. Or copy a list of email addresses (use any form of separator—commas, semi-colons, spaces, cells in spreadsheets) and paste it to the People with Access field to add them automatically. You can add anyone from your team or outside the organization, as long as they have an Articulate ID
  2. Remove users by clicking the X icon beside their name.
  3. Click Save to confirm any changes.

Tips when making your item private:

  • If your item is in a team folder, you'll see folder editors listed under "People with Access" with a folder icon beside their names. You can remove them via the folder share settings.
  • Although you can add reviewers without Articulate IDs via request review, only those with accounts are included automatically. You'll see them under "People with Access" with a clipboard icon beside their names. Those without Articulate IDs must create a free account using the same reviewer email address to gain Viewer access.
  • If you want collaborators to see integrated comments linked to slides in your Storyline project files, you must grant them access to the Review 360 item you want to share.
  • Check out this FAQ for more information.
  • Copy the shareable link from the dialog box and send it to your reviewers. Be sure to give them the password if you added one. And if your reviewers have never used Review 360 before, feel free to share this user guide or this downloadable PDF on reviewing content in Review 360.

Create a Review Request

To set a due date and keep track of your stakeholders' progress, create a review request by following the steps below.

  1. Launch the Review 360 item and click the +Review Request button in the Comments sidebar.
  2. Type in the reviewer's email address and select it from the drop-down list. Add more reviewers as needed. Or copy a list of reviewer email addresses (use any form of separator—commas, semi-colons, spaces, cells in spreadsheets) and paste it to the Assigned Reviewers field to add them automatically.
  3. Enter a custom message for your reviewers if you like. For example, if your content is password-protected, include the password in your message.

    Make messages easier to read using the formatting options on the toolbar on top. Or, use the keyboard shortcuts below.



    Key(s) Window / macOS

    bold text icon


    Ctrl+B / Cmd+B

    italic text icon


    Ctrl+I / Cmd+I

    strikethrough text icon


    Ctrl+Shift+X / Cmd+Shift+X

    hyperlink icon


    Ctrl+C / Cmd+C to copy the URL
    Ctrl+V / Cmd+V to hyperlink the selected text

    numbered list icon

    Ordered list

    Ctrl+Shift+8 / Cmd+Shift+8

    bullet list icon

    Bullet list

    Ctrl+Shift+7 / Cmd+Shift+7

    clear formatting icon

    Clear formatting



    Add a line break

    Shift+Enter or
    Control+Enter / Cmd+Enter

  4. Set a due date to send email reminders to reviewers if they haven't completed their review. Reminders are sent the day before, on the due date, and the day after.
  5. Confirm all the details are correct, then click Send Request.

All reviewers will receive an email notification with a personalized URL to launch the Review 360 item. Using this URL, they'll see a Your Review section in the Comments sidebar with an I'm done reviewing button to set their status to Complete. Once completed, a More (•••) icon appears in the upper-right corner. They can click this icon, select Re-open Review, then choose Re-Open when prompted to reset their status.

Note: If your Review 360 item share link is private, reviewers must have an Articulate ID to view it. Ask them to create a free account here if they don't have one.

Update Your Request

Modify your request after sending it.

Change the Due Date

Select a new date from the due-date dropdown and click Save. All reviewers will receive email notifications of the new due date, but this doesn't change their status.

Add Reviewers

Invite more reviewers to look through your content. Click the More (•••) icon beside the Request Review header and select Add Reviewers. Type in their email address and select it from the drop-down list. Click Update Reviewers when you're done.

Note: To remove reviewers, hover over their names and click the trash bin icon that appears.


Delete the current round of review requests to start a new one. Click the More (•••) icon beside the Request Review header and select Delete. Click Yes to confirm. You can't undo this action.


Monitor Status

Track your stakeholders' progress. Refer to the table below for more details on each status:



Email Sent 

The reviewer hasn't viewed the Review 360 item.

Item Viewed

The reviewer launched the Review 360 item or reopened their review.


The reviewer posted their first comment.


The reviewer marked the review request as complete.



  • If your reviewers are new to Review 360, point them to this user guide for stakeholders or share this quick-start guide document (PDF) in your custom message.
  • All seatholders can create or edit a request for any Review 360 item within the subscription. Only the request owner will be notified when reviewers set their status to complete.
  • If a reviewer has an Articulate ID account linked to their email address, they must sign in with their password before posting a comment. 
  • Anyone viewing the Review 360 item using the public link can see the Request Review details. Assigned reviewers with Articulate IDs will see the Your Review section using this link when signed in.
  • Select Allow users without Articulate IDs to comment if you want assigned reviewers without Articulate IDs to post comments.