Create fully responsive e-learning content with Rise 360, an easy-to-use web app included with your Articulate 360 subscription.

There’s nothing to install, so you can get started right away. Just sign into Articulate 360, then click Rise 360 to see your dashboard. (Click here for a list of supported web browsers.)

Let’s explore the Rise 360 dashboard. Take a look at the following image and refer to the numbered list below it to learn about each feature for managing Rise 360 content.

Rise 360 dashboard

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Switch Apps

Switch to another app—collaborate with stakeholders in Review 360, take and manage training in Reach 360 (if available), register for Articulate 360 Training webinars, or return to your Articulate 360 dashboard.


Edit Your Account and Profile

Click your avatar to edit your account and profile settings or to sign out of Articulate 360. Learn more.


Select Deliverable Type

The content tab is selected by default. Click Question Banks to access your and your team's question repositories.


Export Your Courses to

Click the logo to sign in and export your Rise 360 content to Learn more.


Change the Layout

View your content tiles in a grid layout, which is the default view, or switch to list view.



Quickly find content you've created by entering the title and pressing the enter key.


Change the Sort Order

Sort content by date or alphabetically by title. Rise 360 will remember your choice the next time you open your dashboard.


Filter by Content Type

View all types of content or filter to see only Courses or Microlearning content. 


Create New Content

To create new Rise 360 training, click the Create button. It’s always visible at the top of your dashboard.


Organize Content in Folders

When you create folders, they'll appear in the sidebar in alphabetical order.

You can move content to folders so it's easier to find.

And when you delete content, you can restore it or permanently delete it later.

See this article for details.


Interact with Tiles

When you first visit Rise 360, you’ll see sample content.

As you use Rise 360, a new tile will appear for each piece of content you create.

Each tile displays the cover photo, title, lesson count, and last modified date. Articulate 360 Teams subscribers who collaborate on content will also see the owner's avatar on the course tile.

Click a tile to open the content for editing and previewing.


Manage Content

Hover over a tile, then click the ellipsis that appears to see options for publishing, sending, duplicating, moving, and deleting the content.

Tip: Collaborators' options will depend on their role. Only course owners can delete content. Collaborators can remove themselves.


Publish Content

You can publish content for Reach 360 (if available), LMS distribution, web hosting, or PDF download.

Just hover over the tile, click the ellipsis that appears, then choose Publish. (Only the course owner and course managers can publish content.)

Rise 360 supports xAPI (Tin Can API), SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2,  AICC, and cmi5 learning management systems.

Learn more about publishing content.


Send a Copy to Other Rise 360 Authors

Need to send the source file for content to other Rise 360 authors? Just hover over the tile, click the ellipsis that appears, then choose Send a copy. (Only the course owner and course managers can send a copy of the content.)

Enter the email addresses of the Rise 360 users who should receive the content (separated by commas), change the default message if you’d like, and click Send.

The recipients will receive an email notification, and the content automatically appears on their Rise 360 dashboards.

You will all have independent copies of the same project. Changes one author makes to the content won’t appear in other authors’ versions, and vice versa.

If an author sends a copy of the content back to you later, a new version will be added to your Rise 360 dashboard, meaning you’ll have the original version and an updated copy.


Duplicate Content

Duplicate existing content when you want to translate it or create new content with the same layout.

Just hover over the tile on your Rise 360 dashboard, click the ellipsis that appears, then choose Duplicate. Enter a name for the new project and click Save. (Only course owners and course managers can duplicate content.)


Move Content to a Folder

Organize content in folders so it's easier to find. Just hover over a tile, click the ellipsis that appears, then choose Move to. Select an existing folder from the list or click the Create new folder icon and give your new folder a name, then click Move.

See this article to learn more about organizing Rise 360 content in folders.


Delete Content

To delete content from your Rise 360 dashboard, just hover over it, click the ellipsis that appears, then choose Delete. You’ll be prompted to confirm that you really want to delete the content.

You can restore or permanently remove deleted content. Just go to the Deleted Content container in the sidebar. Then hover over a tile, click the ellipsis that appears, and choose either Remove from trash or Delete forever.

Only the course owner can delete and restore content. Collaborators can remove themselves.


Content Count

Displays the total number of projects in your dashboard and the current range you're viewing. Only 16 tiles are displayed per page.



Use this bar to quickly jump to another page of content or navigate with the Next and Previous buttons.