20+ Creative Examples of Skeuomorphic Design in E-Learning #124

Skeuomorphism in E-Learning RECAP #124: Challenge | Recap

This week’s challenge asked course designers to share examples of how they’re using real-world objects and design elements in their e-learning courses. Examples include: desktop overhead scenes, flat vs. skeuomorphic quizzes, interactive bookshelves, crime scenes,  and so much more!

Special thanks to first-time challengers Mike EndersSrinivas Kumar KMarissa CarterudFreek BirnieLuke HamiltonEmilio Lozano! Thanks for sharing this week.

Magic Johnson

View project | Learn more | Magic Johnson | @elearningnetwrk

Richard Hill

View project | Richard Hill

Mike Enders

View project | Download | Mike Enders | Website | @endersdesign

Srinivas Kumar K

View project | Srinivas Kumar K

Phil Mayor

View project | Phil Mayor | Website  | @philmayor

Daniela Slater

View project | Learn more & download | Daniela Slater | Website | @LetMeTeachU

Mohammad Hassam

View project | Learn more | Mohammad Hassam | Website | @mohammadhassam

Alexander Salas

View project | Alexander Salas | Website | @stylelearn

Veronica Budnikas

View project | Learn more & download | Veronica Budnikas | Website | @verobudnikas

Melissa Milloway

View project | Melissa Milloway | Website | @MelMilloway

Paul Alders

View project | Download | Paul Alders | Website | @paulalders

Michael Hinze

View project | Michael Hinze | Website | @keypointlearn

Linda Lorenzetti

View project | Linda Lorenzetti | Website | @lindalor

Daniela Slater

View project | Learn more & download | Daniela Slater | Website | @LetMeTeachU

Jessica Martello

View project | Jessica Martello

David Tait

View project | David Tait | Website | @4ptLtd

Tracy Carroll

View project | Learn more | Tracy Carroll | Website | @1tracycarroll

Tim Danes

View project | Tim Danes | Website

Ashi Tandon

View project | Ashi Tandon | Website | @ashi_tandon

Cat Frazier

View project | Download | Cat Frazier | Website

Piewsook Fong KP

View project | Piewsook Fong KP

Veronica Budnikas

View project | Learn more & download | Veronica Budnikas | @verobudnikas

Nick Russell

Nick Russell

View project | Nick Russell | Website

Luke Hamilton

Luke Hamilton

View project | Luke Hamilton | @e400zoom

Sara Healy

Sara Healy

View project | Sara Healy | Website | @ChasingGrapes

Marissa Carterud

 Marissa Carterud

View project | Marissa Carterud | Website

Dianne Hope

Learn more | Dianne Hope | Website | @DianneHope

Freek Birnie

Freek Birnie

View project | Freek Birnie

Brenda Tyedmers

Brenda Tyedmers

View project | Brenda Tyedmers

Natacha Wouters

Natacha Wouters

View project | Natacha Wouters

Mike Schwind

Mike Schwind

View project | Mike Schwind | Website | @slivo6


Belen Casado

View project | Emilio Lozano | Website | @inelearning

Matthew Bibby

Matthew Bibby

View project | Learn more | Matthew Bibby | Website

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