Whether you're teaching an eager elementary school class, reticent high schoolers, or engaged adult learners, you know the importance of a good syllabus. It ensures your students or trainees have everything they need to be successful in the upcoming year (or semester). This holds true for corporate trainers as well! A good syllabus is your class roadmap and guidebook all in one.  

However, the trusty paper syllabus is often found crumpled up and forgotten in the bottom of a book bag or briefcase . . . sometimes moments after you hand it out. Even if students or trainees hold onto it, it can be so information-dense that they struggle to find what they’re looking for. So this year, why not save a tree and create a digital version of your syllabus with Rise 360? 

When you create your syllabus in Rise 360, you can break up the content into smaller chunks so that students or trainees don’t get overwhelmed. Plus, you can add visually engaging multimedia elements like interesting videos and images. You can even add interactivity with checklists, links to class forums, sorting activities, and more. Another benefit of a digital syllabus is that students or trainees can do a keyword search to quickly find what they’re looking for. And they can bookmark the link so they can access it anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Not to mention that you can keep adding to the syllabus as things come up throughout the year, so the information stays up-to-date. 

We’ve created two Class Syllabus templates to get you started: a full-length course version for times when you have lots of information to share . . .

Course class syllabus

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. . . and a microlearning template if you need something more focused and lightweight. 

Microlearning class syllabus

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 Check them out to get inspiration, or grab and copy to customize and make them your own. If a lesson or block doesn’t apply to your class, cut it out! Or if something is missing, pop in some additional blocks. And once you’re done, you can easily duplicate it to make syllabi for other classes. Such a time-saver!

Now that you’ve seen examples of how you can provide your students or trainees with everything they need in a way that’s more useful than a wadded-up piece of paper, I hope you’re ready to create your own digital class syllabus with Rise 360! How will you make these templates your own? Share your ideas—or your own templates—in the comments below!

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