Using Button UI Kits to Jumpstart E-Learning Course Development #360

Button Starter Kits for E-Learning #360: Challenge | Recap

Stop Designing from a Blank Canvas! Get a Jump Start on Your Next E-Learning Project with Button Starter Kits 

  • Fantastic starting point for many e-learning projects
  • Mock up projects with button kits to give clients a general idea of how the course will look
  • Customize the buttons after you’ve decided on the general design and layout
  • Save development time by using existing buttons 

 Button Starter Kits 

Today’s authoring tools make developing e-learning easier than ever. However, that doesn’t mean course designers always have extra time to play with new design ideas, much less start every project from scratch. 

The goal for most designers should be to find ways to reuse common course elements like content slides, quizzes, interactions, and, of course, UI elements. 

We have already looked at course starter templates and how they can help designers create a general structure for their projects. This week, we’re going to look at a smaller component of course starters: button kits.

Button Starter Kit Example

Here's an excellent example of a button starter kit that contains prebuilt buttons for navigation, quizzing, and content slides. 

Button Starter Kit Example  Example | Download | David Lindenberg | Website | @dvdlindenberg

Maija Perfiljeva

Maija's button starter kit comes in two colors and features a rich collection of core button styles, including radio buttons, checkboxes, and toggle buttons.

Maija Perfiljeva Red: View project | Download | Blue: View project | Download | Maija Perfiljeva | Website | @GamayunTraining

Challenge of the Week 

This week, your challenge is to share a button starter kit using common button styles. Include as many different button types and styles as you’d expect to use in a typical course.


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