How are Designers Using Emphasis Animations in E-Learning? #449

Using Emphasis Animation in E-Learning #449: Challenge | Recap

What moves, gets noticed. And if you've worked in Storyline 360 recently, you likely noticed some movement in the Animations tab on the ribbon.

Just like in PowerPoint, Storyline's new emphasis animation effects offer fresh ways to guide attention and highlight on-slide elements.

Emphasis Animations

You can apply them to pretty much anything – shapes, images, buttons, characters, markers, text boxes, even videos.

So whether you’re trying to grab your learner’s attention or prompt them to touch the screen, emphasis animations can help learners focus on what’s important. And that’s what this week’s challenge is all about.

🏆 Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to show how Storyline 360's new emphasis animations can be used in e-learning. Your example can be a simple button starter kit showcasing the new animation effects, or you can create a more complete or polished.

NOTE: Even without an active Articulate 360 subscription, you can participate in this week's challenge. For example, PowerPoint's emphasis animations give you similar functionality.

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📅 Next Week’s Challenge

  • Challenge #450 (02.16): Using ThemesTemplates, & Slide Masters. Another basics challenge, only this week we're looking at under-the-hood features to help us work faster in Storyline 360 and PowerPoint. Rise 360 users can show their before-after examples using themes and block templates.

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