'09 .intr files repeatedly elude PowerPoint

Mar 11, 2015

I hope it isn't a problem that I take us on a ride in the "way-back machine" for a moment. I'm new to Articulate, my boss is still using '09, and there is a problem that is gumming up the works.

I open a new PowerPoint presentation, insert a new Engage interaction, save both files, then press the "Edit in Engage" button.  I am returned a warning that the .intr file cannot be found.  I manually reassign the file in the provided browser window, but Engage still refuses to open from PowerPoint. I can open and edit the .intr independently, and the edits will show up in publication - I just can't access it from PPT. 

Is there a way to force the connection? Can I edit a path in a script? I know there are scripts out there to help with folder name changes, but I haven't seen this problem addressed for newly created products.

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Pierre Sosa

I've discovered that if I copy all of my .intr's back into the "/mydocuments/My_Artibulate_Projects/" folder, then the original .ppt can reconnect, then I can turn them into a package, and move the package wherever I'd like without a problem.  It seems odd that .intr's can be found if they are in that one folder and no where else, but I guess that is the problem.

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