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May 18, 2011

I have to create many of my graphics based on captured elements that I save as PNG files.  The problem is that when I insert a graphic  into into a tabs interaction, the choices are so limited (left,/right, top/bottom, and minimal pixel size), the published results look pathetic.  Are there any other options for me to try to get a larger image into a tabs interaction?

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David Anderson

Hi Lynda,

What types of graphics are you including? Screenshots or images with lots of text or detail like charts or spreadsheets?

Have you seen this job aid on the max and min sizes you can use in Engage: Because you're using the Tabs Interaction, you have the option to reduce the width of the tabs. Have you tried that? The trade off is you have less room for tabs labels if you reduce to the minimum width, but for more graphics-centered interactions, it could be an option.

Can you share a sample Engage file? Just so we can get an idea of what you're working with?

Lynda Stevens

Thanks, David - yes, I read the great article you mentioned.  I think my problem might be the fact that I just really like the way the Tabs interaction looks and works, but it's just not suited for the types of screen shots I may need to include, e.g., large picture of an application home page, logo and a banner, etc.

I just threw a dummy example together to give you an idea of my predicament.

Thanks in advance for your help.

David Anderson

Hi Linda,

Thanks for attaching the sample. I made a couple changes in the sample I attached.

If you reduce your Tabs (Interaction Properties > Tabs > Tab Width) to 15%, your Tabs' text is still clear and you can increase the image width to 521. That's almost %40 larger than current size. Take a look and see if that will make a difference?

But to your other point, you might want to work in PowerPoint and recreate a Tabs looking slide. That would give you more slide area to work with and you could hyperlink out to a larger image size.

Lynda Stevens

David - one more thing - I was so motivated to get going on my project and maybe create some tab type options, I jumped right in on it Thursday afternoon.  I've attached my newest creation - I am totally thrilled with the results, and wanted to show you just how much all of the advice, the blogs, the newsletters are helping me. 

On my first project, I used Tom's Notebook tabs, and now on this one, I've created my own little library setting.  I've always been a bullets/underline/colored font kind of gal - now the folks in my office are walking around asking, "who are you?"  They absolutely love this new creativity I have found!


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