Calculator in Engage

I am working on a project where I would like to include a "Commission Calculator" in an Engage Tabs interaction.  The "Commission Calculator" would allow the user to enter the profit of a sale and the commission rate then the calculator will use a formula to automatically calculate the commission amount.

I've seen a post with instructions for how to do this using Excel and a Web Object in Presenter but I can't think of how you would accomplish this in Engage since I can't use a web object. 

I'm thinking I need to create some kind of custom flash interaction but I'm not handy with Flash so I don't know where to begin.  Any tips are greatly appreciated.

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blair parkin

Hi Joe

Could you insert a flash calculator with instructions on how to perform the claculation. One tab could be the calculator with an example of what to work out, the next tab could actually be the answer??

I did a quick google and there are quite a few flash calculators available to use. Heres one