Changing background colors in Flashcards feature of Engage?

Jun 28, 2012

Hi all,

I am working on an Engage interaction that was created using the "flashcards" feature.  Upon reviewing a published version, I received feedback to change the background color.

I did not create this interaction, and the person who did cannot be reached.  If I go into the Engage interaction itself, the "colors" option in the "tools" tray is grayed out and I cannot select it.  There is a "flashcards" tray, and when I click on that option, it takes me to the articulate community interactions site to download the flashcards community interaction.  When I do this I get a message from my computer that says I already have it installed.

Should I just restart my computer and try engage again to see if I can now change the color?  How do you all normally change the background color using the flashcard community interaction?

thoroughly confused but thankful for any input, Barbara

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