Engage 09 Advancing and Articulate 13 screen size change

Feb 19, 2014

Hi I actually have two questions so hopefuly you can answer both. First we are having trouble with our Engage slide advancing. We have the course restricted to that the learner can't advance forward in the course but can only go back to previous slides after they are viewed. The engage 09 won't let the learner click next after all the buttons/items have been viewed. The only way it advances is if they go to the one that is last on the list and lets it run out of time. Is there a way around this? Its confusing for the learner as the buttons are on an image and it's hard to tell which one is last. My client isn't happy with the way it works. Can you tell me why it does this and if there is a way around it please?

Also I have an Artiuclate 13 question also as I'm working with it on a different project. We have over 150 slides in the present course and I've just discovered that you can have artiuclate display the course in 16x9 screen rather than the usually powerpoint screen size. The 16X9 should work better for us as we are doing a lot of screen shots to teach them how to use a program. I would think the wider screen would allow us to make the images bigger becasue they are so wide. I converted it to the new screen size and everything just stretched out. Can you tell me the easiest way to covert this large course over to the 16X9 screeen and could it cause any problems down the line that I'm not aware of?


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Karen Whitford

On the engage slides with the photo with buttons it's hard for the learner to know which item is the last one in the list when the slide was created. We want them to have to click on all the items but then be able to leave and advance to the next slide even if they happen to click on one of the earlier buttons last.  I'm not sure how to ensure they've clicked everything but sill be able to leave even if they've clicked an eariler items because the time wont run out.

If we lock the slides and unlock the engage like was suggested, I believe the learner will loose the ability to use the Next/Previous buttons. Correct?

I'm sure we had a course that forced the learner to click on all the buttons but as soon as the learner had click on everything they were able to advance no matter which button they clicked on last. The course was also restricted because they couldn't advnace forward unless the slides had already been viewed. I'm just not sure how to get this effect again.

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