Engage '09 with Adobe Presenter

Dec 07, 2011

I use Engage with Articulate '09 but have customers that would like to use Engage with Adobe Presenter.  Is there a way to successfully insert an Engage '09 interaction in Adobe Presenter?  I've tried a solution I found on another forum but it did not work consistently for me.

I would like to be able to insert the Engage as a .swf file instead of having the user click a link to launch the Engage.  Thank you for any insight you can provide.


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Susan Lareau

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the reply.  Are these instructions for Articulate or Adobe Presenter?  I tried something very similar (need to compare, maybe the same thing) for Adobe Presenter and it didn't work for me (Adobe Presenter 7).  The process Engage would either have double the number of steps or if I clicked on another slide in the presentation and then went back to the Engage, it did not consistently work.  Another time, all of my images from the Engage were missing.

Thanks for the reply.


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