Embed an Engage '13 interaction into another '13 interaction

Apr 03, 2014

I recently upgraded to the Articulate Presenter '13 suite and was wondering if it is possible to embed an Engage '13 interaction into another '13 interaction and it was for Engage '09.  I found that Jeanette Brooks had posted a screencast under the Articulate Engage '09 Product Support, but the files are not the same in '13. I  know that Articulate Support doesn't support the steps provided, but it is a cool idea and I would like to try and incorporate if anyone has suggestions or has had it work.

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Pat Haney

Tammy and Grace - I just did this. If you have Studio 13 and  take a Presenter '09 interaction, with embedded engage interactions and open it in Presenter '13, when you go to preview, publish, or edit your embedded engage interactions, it will upgrade the engage pieces automatically.

As for embedding an engage interaction in another engage interaction, I'm mystified why one would do this. Seems to me a better solution would be to build the interaction in Presenter (which you can emulate the look of engage. It's hard, but you can do it) and embed the engage interaction and thus use a supported method. I went through this with a partner company. They needed their interactions to be HTML 5. And because it was engage embedded in presenter, a supported method, it was a simple 20 min task.

In reality, the best solution is Storyline 3, which is where those courses will be refreshed. Engage is a great tool, but Storyline doesn't have any of Presenter or Engage's restraints. Worth the investment.

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