Engage and Quizmaker, changes are not being saved properly.

Apr 05, 2014


I am not sure if some one has already noticed and reported this issue. I could not find any thing related to this on the forum. I recently did a Studio 13 project a few weeks ago and just yesterday found a very weird problem. 

The problem that I am facing is this My project has some PPT Slides, around 5 Engage Interaction, and 3 Quizmaker files. I made some simple text changes a few weeks ago. I did that by opening each file from within the PPT. I saved each file then published the whole project. The published version had all the changed I made. That showed, changes were done properly.

Yesterday, for some reasons, I opened one of the Engage Interaction directly (not within ppt) and I was surprised to see the last changes I made were not there. I opened the other Engage Interactions and Quizmaker files and found the same issue. All changes made were not there. The file modified date also scared me as it was not reflecting the date that last changes were made.

However, I opened the main PPT and opened each engage interaction and quizmaker file, and the changes were there. That means if I open interactions and quizzes from PPT, I can see the changes. But of I open these files directly, I don't see the changes. So where are these changes being saved? Are these changes being saved somewhere in the middle instead of the linked Interaction and Quiz? This is a very scary scenario because after updating each Interaction and Quizmaker file, I had created extracts for translation using new studio translation feature. Those changes are not reflected in extracts as well. 

When an Engage Interaction or Quizmaker is accessed through main ppt, changes are made, and files are saved, should this not be updating the linked Engage Interaction and Quizmake files as well? At least this is the way it used to work in Studio 09. 

Please note that I have installed Upate 2 of studio and all my files on stored locally. I am not using any networked or external drive. 

To me this seems a serious bug where link between PPT, Engage and Quizmaker is not working properly. 

Just wanted to know if any one else experienced this issue. Getting help on forum is much faster.

Thank you.


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Ali Goulet

Hey Princess!

I'm sorry that's happening- let's get to the bottom of it. 

I have a few questions to start with here:

  1. Are your files saved locally (on your C:Drive or Desktop) rather than on a network or shared drive? 
  2. What version of Studio are you using?
  3. Are you running the latest update for your version?

Keep me posted! 

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for those details, Princess. It sounds like you're following our recommended workflow, so I don't see any reason why the files wouldn't update with your changes.

Could you create an Articulate Package and send it over to our team by clicking here? Also, be sure to let us know your case number so we can follow along. 😁

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