Engage "continue" button not working in Storyline 360

Nov 28, 2016

In my storyline 360 project output in the  engage 360 interaction the continue button does not appear after clicking all of the segments in the engage interaction.

i have tried many different settings none seem to work 

The options for the "continue" button are not editable either ie the drop lists dont work and i cant rename the button - see attached image

To replicate this ;

1. Create a pyramid in engage 360 and set the interaction properties to "user can advance any order" .  For this test I have disabled the next and previous buttons to advance through the engage. 

2. create a two slide presentation in storyline 360

3. add a new slide and import the engage 360 pyramid form 1 above

4. turn off the 'next' and 'previous' buttons for the engage slide ie in storyline 360

5. publish the storyline 360 project containing the engage 360 interaction   for  "web"

6. upload the attached zip  to a hosted lms

7. run the presentation and the "continue to next slide" button does not appear after completing the engage 360 interaction

I have uploaded my test case as a zip

please confirm if this file works for you and if there is a major bug and when it might be fixed ? 

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Adam Menary

Thank you for your response Leslie

I tried publishing and uploading the file you provided and whilst the next button is now visible the "contunue" button does not appear after completing all steps of the engage interaction.

in any case dosent adding the next and previous button to the slide defeat the purpose of having a complete button once the actions on the engage interaction are complete?  ie the end user can just hit next before completing the engage ?

in both my file and your file  the next slide button options is not active as per above image. ie under 'engage tools' , 'options' , 'next slide button', 'Show next slide button' - the drop down is not active so i cant choose eg when complete or any options from the list

and for 'button label' i can not edit the text in the box  for the name of the button either?


Adam Menary

after further testing i have found that if i have an engage 13 interaction in storyline 360 i can edit the drop downs but the engage does not work on an iphone.  However if i convert that engage interaction to storyline 360 the interaction works on the iphone but i cant edit the 'show button feature' and it does not appear once the interaction is compelte  either 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Adam!

Did you take a look at the published file that I shared above? The 'next' button takes you through the interaction and then proceeds to the next slide. I'm not sure what continue button you are referring to?

I cannot seem to edit that text or see the options there for the 'Next Slide Button' either and I will follow up on the team about that:

For the interaction to work as expected in HTML5 output, you would need to upgrade it to 360 as you can see in this documentation.

Adam Menary

Thanks Leslie for looking into that  and i knew that i could override it with the navigatino buttons but the idea of the "when complete" show the continue button and in the image above its called the  "next storlyline slide" is pretty important if you want to force people to do the learning activity. 

ie this prevents people from accidentlyor deliberately  just using the slide navigation to move thoguh and miss out on doing that engage interaction ie they must complete all of the interaction before the "next storyline slide"  button appears 


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Adam! Our team is still looking into this as it seems that the setting was present on the ribbon to work with the potential for Engage '09 items to be utilized. I do not have an update to provide at this time regarding that setting/option. The setup that I shared above allows the user to go through the interaction prior to moving onto the next slide so hopefully that will assist. It sounds like the expectation is that the section displayed above is not applicable to Engage '13 or Engage 360 though.

Susan Olson

Hello! I'm curious if there are any updates to this issue?  I'm using Articulate 360 and created an interaction (zoom) in Engage 360 Imported to Storyline 360 and same issue is happening...next button does not appear in the engage interaction and the next button on SL player is present but not active. Also, Engage>tool options in SL are grayed out in the browser and next slide button areas.  Thanks!

Diona Hartwig

Has there been a fix to this yet?  I am running Storyline 360 and I am on version 3.4.  We are also running Engage within 360.  We created an Engage interatction and imported it into 360.  When we publish the Next button does not work in the Storyline player for this slide.  The slide trigger is set to go to the next slide when Next is clicked.  However when i click next nothing happens.  Any suggestions?

John Parra

Hola comunidad. Estoy usando  articulate 360 y estoy realizando un ejercicio que por no he podido solucionar.

Resulta que añadí un botón adicional para desplazarme adelante y atrás dentro de la misma slide, pero quiero que salga el botón cuando el usuario o el estudiante haya terminado de realizar todas las actividades.

He intentado con los accionadores de mostrar y ocultar, pero no han funcionado.

Agradezco la ayuda.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John, 

It sounds like you're hoping to hide a button or restrict the navigation in your Engage interaction? Engage doesn't have the same set up with States and triggers to allow you to hide it as you can in Storyline. 

If you can share a bit more about what Engage interaction you're using or even a copy of the .intr file, we can take a look and offer some other ideas. 

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