Engage Guided Image and Presenter Audio publishing problems

Mar 02, 2011


I am used to work with Engage but now used for the first time the Guided Image.

I have imported the Guided Image using the Articulate Presenter into my PowerPoint.

On the PowerPoint Notes Page I have added text and recorded this text. The recording plays fine in the Presenter Recording and Audio Editor.

As soon as I publish the PowerPoint the audio on this specific slide (with the guided image) cuts after 5 seconds - which the the standard setting for slides without audio.

Never had this problem with other Engage-files.

Can somebody help - thanks.

Regards, Florence

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Brian Batt

The Guided Image is a "step-through" interaction.  By default, if the Engage interaction doesn't have audio, it will only play for 5 seconds and the player will stop.  

So, you'll need to cut up your narration script & import the individual pieces of that narration into your Engage interaction.

One alternative that you might try is going into Interaction Properties & changing the interaction to from "Interactive" or "Linear" to "Presentation".  This will allow the Engage interaction to play through completely without stops.

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